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Ancient Rome and Flaminian Way: The Flaminian Way provided a vital link between ancient Rome, Cisalpine Gaul and the whole of Northern Europe.

Fortresses and castles: Few other places have a history and beauty as rich as the ancient fortresses and castles guarding the hills and valleys of this area, whose age-old past becomes lost in legend.

Art: Few areas of Italy can boast a cultural and artistic heritage as rich as that of the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

Faith: 163 religious sanctuaries spread throughout the Marche provide eloquent testimony of the close links between everyday life and religious practice in the region. Added to these are Franciscan monasteries and Benedictine abbeys, underlining how the search for spiritual truth was accompanied throughout history by a continuing quest to improve the conditions of life.

Theatres: An area with a number of historic theatres, all restored and in operation. The province contributes to making Marche a “region of theatres”, as it is defined.

Environment: The salt air and a thousand shades of blue sea along the Marche coastline, the myriad colours of lush inland plant life - the region's heartland has so much to offer - the Frasassi Caves, natural parks, the geological formations of the Furlo Gorge and the Apennine mountain wolves.