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Travel a few kilometres along the via Flaminia from Fano and you reach Acqualagna, capital of the truffle, along with and Sant'Angelo ijn Vado.
The truffle, with its magic (and some say even aphrodisiac) aroma, is one of the world's great culinary ingredients and the finest gourmets are prepared to go to any lengths to enjoy its exquisite taste.
All nine varieties of edible truffle can be found in our province so that throughout the year it is possible to find this rare underground fungus for the table.
All those who enjoy their food will be sure to make a note on their calendar that the tartufo bianco pregiato (white truffle), which prefers cooler, humid terrain, is gathered between October and the end of December, the tartufo nero pregiato (black truffle) between December and mid-March, the tartufo nero d'estate or scorzone (summer truffle) from May to August, the tartufo nero uncinato or scorzone invernale (winter truffle) from October to December and the bianchetto or marzuolo (found on limestone or clay soil but also on sandy saline soil) from January to April.
Each type of truffle has its own particular culinary use - on toasted bread crostini or thinly sliced over soups and pasta, lightly cooked in veal, beef or pork dishes, grated or lightly cooked in a creamy sauce. But its unmistakable taste serves a single purpose. Our recipe suggestions give you an opportunity to try it yourself.

Truffles omelette

How to prepare:

Cut a sweet black truffle into tiny slices {70 grams for 4 eggs), then pour these slices into a shallow iron pan containing olive oil, as soon as the oil starts to boil. Leave to fry for a few seconds, then add the beaten egg and continue to stir. It is best not to let this dish cook for too long.


Truffled pheasant

How to prepare:

Place a well-ripened pheasant, stuffed with black olives and truffle, in a saucepan with melted butter, simmer gently over a low fire and add meat stock in a number of small doses. When half cooked, wrap the pheasant in large slices of ham, adding more stock. Bring to the table when the stock has evaporated and serve hot.

Toast with truffles

How to prepare:

Toast some slices of wholemeal bread over an open fire. Melt some butter in a fire-proof dish, adding meat stock, lemon juice and abundant Parmesan cheese. Heat the mixture, without boiling, adding the truffle in very thin slices. After just 15 -20 seconds remove the dish from the heat and pour the hot sauce onto the toasted bread. This mixture is also excellent on fried veal cutlets.

Tagliatelle with butter and truffles

How to prepare:

An extremely simple and tasty recipe: the tagliatelle, cooked 'al dente' and drained, are garnished with good quality butter and immediately before serving are covered with very fine slices of either black or white truffle.

Trout with truffles

How to prepare:

The trout, cleaned and gutted, is mixed with breadcrumbs chopped parsley and garlic, salt, popper and olive oil. Before cooking the trout over the grill, fill the stomach of the fish with the seasoning and slices of a good truffle.