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It is difficult to find coffee quite like this Fano speciality anywhere else. It isn't just a question of knowing how to use a coffee machine or even the way in which the beans are blended or roasted.
The secret of the unmistakable aroma of moretta lies in the ingredients which are added to it in their correct proportion and blend.
Yet if you find, even by following the recipe, that your own coffee doesn't quite match up to the true Fano moretta, then you must allow the fisherman of the town, who are the true masters of the tradition, to retain a few secrets for themselves about the making of this unique and unmistakable drink.


How to prepare Fano moretta
Aniseed liqueur and rum should be added to the coffee in the following proportions: approximately half coffee and the other half aniseed and rum in equal measures. Some recipes also add brandy.
Garnish with a piece of lemon peel, add sugar to taste and then heat it together using an espresso machine steam heater.
Serve the coffee in a glass tumbler or punch glass.

For more information:

Gli Amici della Moretta

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